I mentioned my rapes in Victim Impact Statements (in regards to assaults and breaches of protection order) that were given to police. They never questioned me about it. I figured it really must have been my fault.
I moved to another city and was given a full interview about my whole situation by different police, who told me they had to report it to CIB. They contacted me several times in regards to doing an evidential interview on dvd. I took some time to think about it and agreed. It was not so bad, though it was weird that I was not emotional at all, later on my counselor told me its called emotional avoidance. After many weeks of waiting CIB sent me an email. An email to tell me they were not prosecuting because he strongly denied the allegations. No support offered. It was a Friday and I had to make an urgent appointment with my ACC counselor for Monday. I spent the whole weekend in bed, I was a wreck. After¬† two weeks I finally replied to the email and asked to meet with CIB for a better explanation than he strongly denied it. They set up a meeting for me. I went to my counselor again beforehand and she helped me to prepare my questions to ask at the meeting. I asked my questions including..what questions did you ask him? They said they didn’t know. They didn’t have the file. They knew for over a week I was coming in. I asked them did they ask about when I was unconscious and woke up naked and wet between my legs, they said no. I asked them why not and they said because he denied the allegations which is a broad answer to anything police could ask.¬† These rapes were the most disgusting things that happened to me, they still disgust me so much. I hope one day they will stop being the intrusive thoughts they still are today 11 months on.