as a young boy my mother told us,my brothers and i adult themed or dirty jokes,limericks etc, which i often used to repeat to my schoolmates much to their parents shock and disgust. of course as a young boy i always felt clever when i had an adults attention and so i bought into mum’s explanation that the other parents were just prudes,which i read in an article somewhere that this is one way for paedophiles to sexualise their victims.
what i didn’t tell anyone was how my mother always used to enviegle my brothers and myself into “tickling -wrestling” games that invariably culminated in her fondling our genitlals.
the low point for me happened in my teens when she actually invited me to have sex with her, which i declined because at that age i was starting to question in my own mind the weirdness of this type of behaviour.
i have often wondered why she did this and have concluded that she must have been mentally unstable, as it has since come out that a lot of her stories about a non sexual physically abusive childhood she was supposed too have had have been shown to be mostly fabrications to gender a “poor me” sympathy reaction.

on another occasion when in my late teens i was going to a dance and was standing at a bus stop where i could see a long way down a straight road that there was not going to be one for a while,when a car pulled up that was the same make that was popularly used as taxis at the time.thinking that i might as well grab a cab than wait who knows how long, i hopped in the front seat, it wasn’t until we were underway that i noticed there wasn’t a meter at about the same time that driver, a guy of about 50, started up a monologue about girly mags and the joy of masturbation leading up to him inviting me back to his flat to check out his collection, thankfully i was able to persuade him i wasn’t interested and that i had someone to meet.

so there you have it, i know the above does not equate with a full on rape but it may illustrate my “attitude” to any females trying to feel sorry for themselves,in as much that my own upbringing has rightly or wrongly shown me that females when they have a mind to can be sexual predators as well.

if my name is familiar, i’m that grumpy old bugger who’s always writing letters to the editor.