Baggy clothes

 I remember hearing stories, when I was young, about women who would get raped because they wore short skirts and other clothes that “asked for it”.

Just from hearing about these cases, I grew an aversion to wearing anything that might make it look like I’m “asking for it”. I can’t bring myself to wear the stylish short skirts and dresses all the other girls wear, or wear clothes that show cleavage or even my shoulders. I can’t wear a singlet unless I feel 100% safe.

I’ve never been raped, yet rape culture has had this effect on me and I’m sure it’s had this effect on at least one other person. I think it’s wrong that our clothing choices can be dictated in this way, and am angry that when I pick out what clothes to wear for the day I automatically and subconsciously check whether they make me look like I’m “asking for it” or not. It’s just wrong.