About twenty years ago I went to London on my OE.  A week or so after I arrived I was acquaintance raped by a man after an alcohol fuelled night out, and this resulted in a pregnancy.  A couple of friends of this person were so incensed that I had labelled the incident rape that they decide to get revenge.
They tricked me into coming to their house alone where I was bullied into drinking a herbal concoction to terminate the pregnancy.  I believe that the ingredients included pennyroyal, which is a poison.  I became extremely ill, suffered liver and kidney damage and severe mental confusion.  These creeps took this opportunity to bully me into performing sexual acts, and threatened to disclose this if I ever mentioned the rape or the pregnancy.  I eventually miscarried some weeks later.
This experience was catastrophic for me.  Among other consequences I developed PTSD.   I also spent numerous periods in hospital about a decade later when I was pregnant with my children and the damage that had been done to my uterus became problematic.
The men involved in this now all live back in NZ, as do I.  They both appear very ordinary individuals – with good jobs, wives, children and middle class lifestyles.  I know for a fact that at least one of them boasted about what he’d done for years.