Iamsomeone who, in 2010, was raped in Tauranga.
Iamsomeone who was told that this was why the Jury would be difficult to convince. Because they were a Tauranga Jury.
That this is why GBH charges relating to him punching me repeatedly in the head before strangling me unconcious  were not presented to the jury.
Iamsomeone who had the integrity of the trial, my chance for justice, diminished by the assumptions and attitudes of those who were suppose to help me.
Its like they helped him instead.
He was found not guilty of rape, yet as no charges stood in regards to the strangulation and punching of my head, he admitted that he had done these things to me.
And he walked free. Is among us.
Iamsomeone who did not appreciate being told by police that “he will do it again and we will get him convicted next time”
Iamsomeone who hopes that “next time” doesnt happen to you, your daughter,….. or one of my daughters.


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