this girl screams silent,
in darkness; despair
final tomb nail,
her family left her there

smothered, interred;
in their
adult shame,
this she mistook
for blame

she has no word,
no adult face;
nothing to explain
silent slaughter
enough said

One saving grace,
one lone hand;
he reached out,
carried me
to safety
I learn to walk again

he is gone now,
along with the girl
his last breath;
strength, courage,
my saving grace

mute and blind,
you adults,
still …
remain stagnant

~ Lisa-Ann ~

To whom it may concern:

You stole the girl I was from me Mr T. McD and Mr R.D, you know what you did!
You can both rot in hell
I will not

You adults; my family
I am not like you!
This makes my life worth living

My brother
Thank you!
You saved me
Although you are gone, your light shines brightly to me everyday

I am someone
I have a voice
I am alive