My very first job was in food service. The head chef in the kitchen was good friends with the owner of the company, and somewhat well-known in the culinary world. He also made regular appearances on a New Zealand TV show. He regularly used to make lewd comments about myself and the other young, female workers, both to our faces and to the other men within our earshot – including our boss, who never did anything about it.

One evening, one of my friends at work was giving everyone hugs to wish them a Merry Christmas. She later told me that when she gave the chef his hug, he touched her inappropriately. When I told my parents that night, they said she should have expected it given that she had offered the hug in the first place. Everyone knew he was creepy, and no one liked him, but myself and the other girls felt we could never do anything about it because he had power and was making the company money.