He is NOT the cause, but
My daddy left when I was 2 and I never got over it while growing up. I did not know how to ‘act’ around men or boys and I guess looking back I craved attention from them. I have been in far too many terrible situations to describe. It was like I had a beacon on my forehead that flashed a neon sign saying ‘sex, here! – free for all’ I didn’t ‘ASK’ for it. It just happened, over and over again. I now feel so much hatred toward the rapists and pedophiles that I’m sure I could actually kill one if it happened ever again. I’d fight with all my might and scream and kick and yell! I would tell the police, go to court, fight for my life, fight for any future victims. I would not go stiff and freeze like a possum in the headlights. Because that’s what happened every time. I froze. I complied. It doesn’t mean I was willing. Get it through your head! I was never WILLING. I want to scream at the victim blamer’s and the abusers; if she is too young, too drunk, too drugged, too forced, too ashamed to say stop, too frozen in fear! She is not willing. She is not your basket-ball hoop to score in! Rape has NOTHING to do with how you dress or act. RAPE is violence, RAPE is a crime and RAPE is wrong! RAPE needs to be stopped. It needs to be accepted as unacceptable.