March 6 2012.

My parents sat me down to have a discussion, I was just over a month off turning 16. They would tell me that when I was two years old, I had been molested by another another, my 14 year old neighbour at the time.

They would tell me that, as a two year old, I came home and told them exactly what happened and that I was scared.

They told me that they kept all the police reports, but the police said that they could not prosecute based off the 2 year old recounting information.

14 years later, I was to deal with the trauma of sexual abuse all over again. I would struggle with self worth. Being a male and being a victim of sexual abuse, society tells us that this doesn’t happen. I would look for affection from anyone who viewed me as something desirable.

But at least I knowing that this had happened to me, allowed me to go through the very important process of healing. A process that will stay with me forever.