I was raped in my home by a stranger who came in through the unlocked back door while i was showering at 9 am one weekday morning. He used a condom so there was no semen. The police investigated – I had every faith in them. They said there was no evidence (condom so what did they expect) and they told me I was lying. They tried again abd again to make me say I was lying but I would not say so because I was telling the truth. They put a statement in the local paper saying the case was closed through lack of evidence and the entire community then saw me as either lying or crazy. Even my husband thinks I was lying. I am an intelligent, highly educated woman. I would NEVER lie about such a thing. I am still traumatised. I have PTSD and I see a psychiatrist. I carry a knife with me at all times and sleep with a small ax by my bed. I wish I has never reported the rape to the police. I trusted them but the fall out from their involvement has been almost as traumatic as the rape itself. I have been made to look like the criminal. Worse still : the guy is still out there and therefore others are at risk. This is NZ.