My first boyfriend took advantage of my naivety and told me that I’d be a bad girlfriend if I didn’t suck him off and have sex with him. He also told me it made me a bad girlfriend that I wanted to use protection, so we didn’t. It was only years later that I realised him pressuring me to say yes that first time, after I already said no around 15 times, qualified as rape.
This was a couple of months after I had been on an Intercity bus, when an Indian tourist put his hand on my crotch. I was too scared to say anything at first; it was only after he had been staring at me lecherously for over an hour and pressing up against me that when he tried it again, I yelled, “Get your hands off me, you filthy pedophile!”, causing a full bus of around 40 people to look around and stare at him. Later, I went to the police to report him; it turned out that they’d had complaints numbering around 30 from this man doing the same thing to other young, underage girls. (Unfortunately, they never caught him.)