I have led a sheltered life. I haven’t had the kinds of experiences that others have been brave enough to share on this website. But the rape culture in New Zealand is still painfully clear. I have friends that have been raped by boyfriends, friends that are afraid to walk around the city after dark in less populated areas for fear of being raped. I’ve been on girls nights where guys have come up to people and danced right up against them whispering ‘sex’ over and over in their ear while they try to walk away. I’ve had drunk guys on the street talk to me and then get angry and abusive and defensive about their right to talk to me (regardless of them being drunk and unwelcome) while I’m clearly uncomfortable and trying to get away. All of this in addition to the every day harassment of yelled statements, or whistles, out of cars and drunk guys making lewd comments on the street at night which society tells us just to brush off as harmless fun. I don’t know when or how this became acceptable but it isn’t. Everyone has the right to feel safe and women shouldn’t have to worry about walking home alone at night because society refuses to accept that there is a problem. The culture needs to change so that the men responsible for these assaults realise that it isn’t acceptable, and are held accountable for their actions. We are all somebody, and we deserve to be heard.