I was 11 when my cousin touched me inappropriately.  He was 16.  It happened on more than one occasion.  We got caught once by his mother who told us off for fooling around.  This made it really difficult to consider talking about it and eventually I just blocked it from my mind.  Later on in my life somehow another cousin and I began talking about our experiences with him.  Turns out I wasn’t the only one.  We eventually confronted him.  He said sorry, as if that was enough to make up for it.  One day I will be strong enough to put my name to this, I have come so far but no quite that far.  I know my story isn’t much as stories go.  There are many women who have gone through so much worse than I have and I weep for their suffering but I’m sharing my story because these are the men who teach their sons the same disrespect for women as they’ve had their whole lives.  It is part of the rape culture in NZ.  No girls should have to deal with this.  No women deserve to try and live with the damage it causes.  I AM SOMEONE.