At age 15, I fell into a relationship with a guy slightly older than me, a guy I had met in a car park, warning bells should have sounded with the way he spoke to me, the things he would txt me, crude to say the least!
I felt so wanted by this guy, but in reality I was owned, one by one he deleted the contacts from my ph, and stopped me seeing my friends and even my family, he would lock me in the garage and abuse me physically. Sex was never consensual, it was forced every time I would cry and cry and he would laugh and go on, he hid my birth control pills and believed I would stay if we had kids! I suffered at his hands for about 4 years, each year got worse!
When I finally got out he stalked me for months and even threatened some pretty awful things, the police said they couldn’t do a lot about it, I still live in fear from this man, but am so grateful to have such a beautiful healthy relationship with my darling man now. We are worth so much more than the abuse we are put through! I promise you ladies there is light at the end of the tunnel, all my dreams came true when my best friend rescued me! Thank goodness for the real men out there!