I was around 19 or so and was on a girls night out.  I ‘hooked up’ with a guy that was an old school friend.  I was really drunk and decided to go home with him.  We had sex and afterwards all I wanted to do was go to sleep.  I knew I was really drunk and really needed to sober up.  He had other ideas, he wanted to have sex again.  I said no, he kept kissing me and his hands were all over me.  I said no a few more times and then just gave up, I knew he would be over and done with pretty quickly.
It was not until the next morning when I was telling a friend what happened that she said, sounds like rape to me.  I did not liken it to rape because he was not being violent, he was not pushy as such and because we had already had sex.  In hindsight it was rape.