I had food poisoning and my parent’s ‘friend’ was taking care of me. I woke up with his hand in my underpants. I was 7. At 15 I was on the bus and a guy sat next to me, then he practically sat on top of me and put his hand on my thigh and squeezed. I told him to leave me alone and got off at the next stop. I was sitting at the front of the bus and everyone saw it happen – no one helped me. At 17 I was at my grandmother’s house in the front yard, an older guy approached me and started opening the property gate while asking me how old I was. I told him loudly to go away and to leave me alone which he did. At 18 I started going out to nightclubs with my friends and have been groped countless times no matter what I am wearing. It still happens 10 years later. Throughout my 20’s I start learning about all my female friend’s stories of rape and abuse.