Compared to others, my experience isn’t the bad; it could have been worse. I was in a bar (on the beach) and had an anxiety attack. Leaving the bar, and taking some ‘time-out’ on the beach a man came up to me.  I was so focused on trying to get my breathing under control, and to stop my head from spinning, I didn’t notice him sit next to me. He spoke to me for a few moments, then pushed me back, lay on top and started to undress me. I remember looking to my left, at the lights in the distance, and feeling I had lost all control. It is this feeling, more than anything else, which haunts me. Something in me switched and with force I didn’t know I had, I started punching, punching his head with all my might. He was small; I was lucky. He eventually gave up and ran off. I was left with bruises and a cut lip, but it could have been worse. For too many friends, it has been worse.