When I was 15 I was raped. It wasn’t by a stranger. It wasn’t in a dark ally. It was at my boyfriends friends house. It was my boyfriend who raped me. I was given a drink that made me groggy. I remember telling him to stop touching me. The next thing I remember is waking up with him on top of me. I told him to stop repeatedly – he didn’t. His friend came in and watched.
The next morning I tried to confront him but was told by him and two other people I had been up for it. I didn’t know what to do. Everyone said that it couldn’t have been rape because he was my boyfriend, because we’d had consensual sex before, because I had been kissing him earlier that night.
We broke up shortly afterwards. He began to harass me and send threatening message online and via text messages. I received multiple messages along the lines of ‘tik tok your time is running out’. He threatened to put a video of my rape online. I was terrified and told my mother who took me to the police station.
I was made to talk to a male police officer about what happened. He said they couldn’t do anything and implied I’d asked for it. I was then told they would contact my ex boyfriends parents and inform them of his behavior. I was not happy with this but felt it was my only option so I agreed I was happy with this course of action.
Later I found out the policeman was dating my ex boyfriends mother and that nothing was done about my complaint.
No one listened to me and I have had to live with people accusing me of making a fake complaint. I still have nightmares about the rape.