I was molested at the age of 8 years of age for up to a year.
I would go over to my next door neighbours house to play with my best friend, young and innocent.  His cousin started to come over in the weekends and he preyed on me.
One day, we were asked to play hide and seek where he partnered me up with him and where the first incident happened.  He molested me many times and always said that if I was to tell my mother or father, they would beat me and be disappointed that I had done this.
The brainwash convinced me that I had to keep this secret.

As I went on through primary, intermediate and high school I started meeting different men on chatlines, Hot Gossip.  I thought that this is what I was meant to do – confused with my sexuality and obviously I did not want my parents to know I was gay as I thought they would be disappointed .
I was naughty, always doing wrong.  I would argue with my family, not listen to anyone, play up at school etc.
One day I told my older sister what had happened and the cat was out of the bag.  I felt a huge release of the guilt, anger, frustration and pain.  My partners took my to counselling, I was asked to speak with the police and found that he had also done this to other kids.  The police were no help and said I had lied about most things, nothing surprises me about the police here in New Zealand and I can see the same traits through the “RoastBusters” scandal.

I am now openly gay, I am married to an amazing man and have accepted what happened to me.  I cringe when I read of other innocent souls, raped or molested, by bastards.

I am a survivor.