I have countless recollections of catcalls, nightclub gropings and unwanted attention. When I joined a gym for the first time at age 14 to get fit I got hassled while walking the 1km home in my gym shorts. It made me not want to go anymore.
When I got bitten by the running bug I had to be careful training for my first Marathon in terms of where and when I went for a run, because one time I ran past a house full of drunk youths who shouted out things like “do you want to get raped?” at me.
When we bought our first home in onehunga it didn’t take too many leers and heckles walking to the dairy to make me feel unsafe. We ended up getting a dog for that sole reason.
Women in nz can’t feel safe. Our experience of life is inherently different to that of men. Women have to be that much more cautious and that much more careful because our culture is that it is a woman’s  responsibility to avoid sexual violation. The onus is on us.
It really is time to shift the onus.