As a teenager I used to hang out with my boyfriends older friends quite a bit on the weekends. We would go to one of their houses, drink, play video games, listen to music, have a laugh.  These guys were all around 4-5 yrs older than me in University or full-time employment.  They would always make sexist jokes, rape jokes, look at porn, talk about putting girls ”on the block” like it was the funniest thing ever. This behavior became normalised in my mind because I felt intimidated to ever speak up about it, and I wanted to fit in etc. One night I was there and I was drinking, there were a lot of ”on the block” jokes again that night.  I must of drank to much because I can’t remember anything after about half an hour. I woke up the next morning in a different house. My bra was missing and my underwear was around my waist.  I never asked my boyfriend or his friends what happened because I was too scared.  I assume I was put ”on the block”.  I never told anyone.