The worst experience I had was being drug raped when I was 22. I had just walked out on a 3 year relationship that had gone sour. I felt very vulnerable but friends convinced me to attend a friends party. I drank too much and my friend did too. It was very late and some much older guy started bringing me drinks. At some point I found I couldn’t speak or move. I remember him walking me along the corridor and saying to my friend ‘I’m giving this one a lift home’. He drove me to his place. I couldn’t move or speak but I could hear and I knew generally what was happening to me. I couldn’t feel anything though. He dropped me off near where I was staying the next day. I spent most of it in the bath. As my brain and body started waking up I couldn’t really process what had happened to me. It’s taken probably 20 years to feel I’ve gotten over it. The only person I told was my ex who either didn’t believe me or didn’t care. I was unwell a long time because of it