I had got a job as a receptionist in a accounting firm. I was introduced to the staff, a small office, with one elderly women and about 6 males. when I went for lunch a guy who was working there part time was going to. He asked me where i was going for lunch and I told him I was going to go sit in the park and eat my salad, he said he would join me. We had a chat, and I was pleased I had made a friend on my first day. We laughed about the bosses hair and he gave me some insight into the office gossip. The next day, he had asked me for the work contact sheet, because he wanted to do some work at the weekend and only a few staff had the swipe key to access it after hours. I happily Printed the sheet
Off for him. That weekend I was out and started receiving text messages around 3am “what’s up baby” “come see me” when I asked who is this and how did you get my number I got a reply “fuck you bitch it’s no one”. That Mondayat Uni, I asked a friend of mine if he knew the number, he didn’t but called it off his phone to see who answered. No one answered, yet the text him back saying his name. When my friend asked how he knew me, he replied we worked together. I was disgusted. The next day when I went to work I felt sick. Everytime I walked to the photocopier I could feel his eyes on me, everytime I transferred him a call he would call out “thanks babe”. He hadnt ever asked for my phone number. I didn’t even have a swipe key. He had manipulated me into giving him the call sheet just to get my number. He had taken our conversation as if it was some
Sort of date, and even worse I had taken his friendliness as just that. Friendship.