My brother invited a couple of friends over one night. We were all hanging out together, him and his mates, my little sister and her boyfriend and I. One of his friends said he had something “cool” to show us. He opened his laptop and showed us a video of him having sex with a girl. He told us that it was his ex girlfriend and she didn’t know she was being filmed- but he didn’t think she would mind because she was a “massive slut” who “loved the D”. Both my sister and I were really uncomfortable but my brother and his mates thought it was hilarious. Later in the night the same guy cornered my sister’s boyfriend and started to give him extremely loud and vulgar advice about what he should be doing to “please” my sister, including a graphic description of how to fist her. My sister and I ended up in tears, begging our brother to do something. He didn’t understand why we were so upset, because “that’s just what (his friend) is like”.