In many schools around New Zealand, they teach young women and girls how to avoid rape. They teach them how to fight off a rapist, how to run, how to kick. Not a thought is given to the boys and young men. They are never told how to treat women. How rape is not okay. What it means to have consensual sex. This is a problem. I know this because I can’t walk down the road, where it be a quiet rural road, or in the middle of the city, without men tooting, cat calling or straight out abusing me, or any girl and woman I know. I know this is a problem in our society because I know too many women that have been raped. I know this is a problem because men have put their hands up my friends dresses in nightclubs. I know this is a problem, and I know for sure these women aren’t the cause of it. I am someone. So are you. Don’t stand for anything less than respect.