My first sexual experience was not consensual.. more peer pressure and not being able to get the

guy off me. The guy was a friend of my cousins. My cousin was jealous of my achievements, spiteful

and nasty. My second sexual experience was being pack raped by 4 friends of the same cousin. Left

with no transport to get home after work, I rang my Aunty as my parents weren’t home. From no-
where came the car with the 4 friends of my cousins who offered to take me home. Instead they

took me to a nearby park and pack raped me. I was ashamed, I wasn’t believed, I ran away. My

grandfather took me to the police a week or so later, and registered the whole sorry story. By that

stage the bruises had started to diminish, but not the stench of them violating me. These two events

still haunt me today, and lack of police support sent me on a downward spiral to become a sexual

commodity beyond my choice. Vulnerability, predators, sense and smell and lurch on to. From there

I fell into wrong company. I wound up a solo mum to a beautiful boy. I got out, or so I thought. Over

the years, I have been tracked traced and abused more often than not. The privacy act is a joke.

My own investigations confirm, even though women refuge know about this practice, they are

powerless when police use women as bait. Allowing and planting police associate in her life to

treat a women in what ever manner they choose for ‘others’ criminal matters and life style choice

claiming she is, part of, all part of the practice. Coercion, assault, drug rape, harassment, financial

restraint, putting the screws on her, its called. In fact is it legalised abuse and rape. The police

will not own up to this culture as it is a specialised police tactic I have been told. There is nothing

you can do to protect yourself or your child when you are ‘sold’ as a commodity and your ‘life is

used as leverage’ in such underground practice. As much as I pray this will stop, I believe this is the

very reason; Dame Beazley’s police recommendations have not been implemented. If they were

implemented, this practice would in fact be, illegal. Instead, legislation protects police associate,

therefore leaves no protection for women no matter where they turn. You are just left, classed a

liar, forever silenced to live with their shame. This is why and exactly what this country has heard

loud and clear in most recent weeks in the media. It is now an epidemic. This is not my fault, I am a

survivor. No actually I am still trying to survive this. As we have all witnessed lately, you cannot trust

the police. My parents of from the era, that you could trust them. They have since apologised and

believe otherwise to be true. This is what has driven this misogynist mind-set so present today in nz.

This culture has grown, from police themselves and their great relations with career criminal. It is

legal. It is time they fixed it, instead of legislating women and children out of their right to life with

welfare reforms. We need police reform.