I was propositioned for sex by one of my, much older, male bosses when I was 17/18. He was married and they’d just had a baby. I’d done nothing to encourage him. He told me he wanted “to fuck me on his office desk” at our Christmas party and that he “thought about fucking me every time I came into his office”. I was horrified and definitely not into it. After that I was super uncomfortable around him – not to mention the dread every time I had to go into his office knowing what he was thinking and the way I was being sexualised and objectified. I hated going to work and I felt sick every time I saw him. It was an incredibly sexist company and I knew there wouldn’t be any support if I said anything about it. I didn’t want to work there anymore because of him (and the prevalent sexism in general) and it wasn’t really fair since I hadn’t even done anything wrong.

A few years later, at another job, I was propositioned by another male employer, also married. Same kinda thing. Worried about my job, no recourse, super uncomfortable and didn’t like going to work anymore, especially as his wife was also my boss.

I don’t believe either of them ever gave a thought to how they’d made me feel.