Winter is my favourite season. I really should love summer for the sun, freedom from exams, summer fruits but I hate it. Why? Because the other day I was reminded on why it sucks being a female in summer. I was walking along the waterfront to meet a friend for coffee and it was very hot so I was wearing shorts and 5 different cars drove past of boys in their 20’s, slowing down and shouting sexual comments out the window and laughing. I felt humiliated. I felt like I had asked for the attention. Just because its hot and I want to wear shorts. Its the only clothes available to women. I dont want to wear jeans and die of heat stroke. Yet I can not walk from my house to a coffee shop without being sexually harassed from a car with comments such as: “Yeah baby” “I like your ass” wolf whistling, “id fuck you” “get your tits out” “suck my dick bitch”

I hate summer. I dont like to leave my own home. If I want to go out for a walk or meet with friends I make sure its before 10am or I drive. I make sure my ipod is on full blast and I keep my head down. Sometimes I hear them shouting at younger girls than me out walking their dogs. This is not sexual abuse but it is harassment. It is not ok. I am not an object to be yelled at. I will not suddenly decide because they verbally accosted me that I would love to jump in their car and get it on. No. That doesnt happen.

It is humiliating, it is disgusting and it is not OK. Why should I feel ashamed for wearing what I want? Why should I avoid leaving my own home? I dont feel the need to shout at boys out the window, so why must it happen to me? I am not an object, I am not a sex box, I am not a porn star. I am someone.