I was 21. It was a sunny Anzac Day and I was walking to a friend’s house that morning. A man pulled over in his car. He was already masturbating and asked me if “I wanted a fuck”. I said no and kept walking. He persisted. Eventually, he turned his car around and laughed through the window at me before driving off. I reported it to the police. I remember thinking (and telling the Police) that I wasn’t wearing clothes that should have attracted attention – as if that possibly could have been any excuse for his behavior.

Turns out that he had been preying on little girls in our neighborhood for a while. Now in my late 20s people often think I am in my early teens. He probably mistook me for a child. The Police were only able to prosecute him for the offense against me and I am left wondering, how many little girls were there before me? How many will there be after?