I was 18 years old and it was around midday on a sunny January day. I was walking to St Lukes down the main road wearing a long flowing skirt. I saw an older man approach me on a bike and turn down a side street. I thought nothing of it and kept walking. Then I heard a bike come up behind me and I moved to the side of the pavement to let them pass.

Before I knew it someone’s hand was was groping my bottom and through my legs to touch my genitals. It was all a matter of seconds and I was too shocked to think or move. The old man rode off onto the main street laughing and all I could do was yell angrily at him. I wished I’d thought quicker and been able to push him off his bike.

I called the police but the whole time I apologised for bothering them with something trivial. I explained I was worried about the pre-mediation and that it might mean he went after another, younger person. In my head I kept worrying that maybe the top I’d been wearing had been revealing. I’d internalized all of that victim blaming crap.