When I was nine a boy in my class restrained me while another boy touched my newly formed boobs and tried to stick his tongue down my throat. It was lunchtime.

When I was 11 a man used to call me he told me he was from life education. He knew my full name and my bra size and other details. He asked me to do things. I couldn’t talk to an adult for the next 2 years. I still hate answering the phone. They never found him

At a party when I was 16 I was talking to a guy his friends came and encircled me. They all put there hands on me. I couldn’t get out till a friend intervened and dragged me out

When I was 17 and had overestimated my ability to stomach alcohol. I was bent over the toilet vomiting. A guy I knew held my hair and rubbed my back then pushed his fingers up my skirt.

At 18 at a BBQ I went to head back inside for some food. A guy followed me and pinned me up against a shed wall. Holding me back while kissing my neck and undoing my pants. The dodgy stoner stepped in ripped him off me and took me back to my friends