For years I feel like I’m the one who pulls the people around me up when they say dumb and hateful stuff. I have to do this all the time. All the time. This is rape culture- that nice people I know and work with believe that you can treat women as less than/ different/ objects. They speak about women as an abstract concept, not the individuals they know and work with. Judging women who dress ‘a certain way’ or ‘lack self-respect’ or have lots of sex. Piss off. Leave them alone. Don’t judge them based on nonsense patriarchal criteria. Don’t blame them for being out late at night/ drunk/ somewhere they shouldn’t be, as if these things cause rape. Young girls don’t cause their own rape. Rapists cause rape.

I’m tired of pulling people up. The way you talk about women is rape culture. You are contributing to the world where young men treat young women as less than them.