My father sexually molested and raped my siblings and I. At times, he would even make comments about my about school friends that ensured I didn’t want them to come over ever again. What has been most disturbing is that other men participated in using us, and there were those who, while not participatory in the abuse, knew and even witnessed it happening and did nothing. I understand my father was very frightening, but even those who had seen what was happening first hand, and knew of his history of sexual violence against other women (one of whom being a spouse to one of the witnesses, raped with a knife held to her throat in her home), they did nothing to help us.

Our experience spanned over a decade.

While my father has been held accountable, despite his protest that we had been brainwashed by our mother to turn against him, the others who participated remained free, and my memories are insufficient to be able to identify them. I see my father is now residing near a school in his home country and there is nothing I can to do alert authorities there of his tendencies.