One experience of feeling really unsafe was when I was catching a bus home in the early evening in Auckland. I noticed a guy at the bus stop being a little strange so I got on the phone to a friend until the bus came. Once I sat down, the same man came and sat next to me. He was really large, smelled strongly of alcohol, and sat so close that I was pinned against the window and unable to get out. I felt trapped in. At first he started saying hi, asking how I was, what my name was. I ignored all of this. Then it grew stranger and he started yelling at me “why did you leave me?”, “don’t you love me?” It escalated from there to me running over seats on the bus to put some distance between us (he wouldn’t move so I couldn’t stand up), while on the phone to police, while he walked down the aisle yelling “She’s mine.” Someone restrained him and he was let off the bus near a police station on our route. The police asked me if he’s physically hurt me. I had to say no, so they let him go. Once I got back on the bus to finish my journey home, I heard the bus driver call the incident in, saying “it was no big deal, just a drunk guy.”