When I was 15, I skipped school and went to a guys house. We were making out, and were going to have sex, but we didn’t have any condoms, so I tried to stop him, but he did it anyway while I lay there stunned. Then he held me down till he got hard again and did it again.

Then when I was 16, I was too drunk to go home, so I crashed at a “friends” house. I had a big crush on him, and was really nervous, so when he offered me more to drink I accepted. I got so drunk I passed out, and when I woke up, he was having sex with me. I’m not sure if he used protection, I can’t really remember anything, I think I just passed straight out again.

Then when I was 18, after a year of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, my boyfriend (21) told me he had gotten a 16 year old pregnant. During the ensuing fight, he ended up holding me against the wall by my throat, before bullying me to the ground and raping me. I stared into his eyes the entire time and told him what he was doing… he thought it was OK though, because he apologised afterwards.

The best bit about that one, was that my “friend” who I turned to for support went straight back to him and told him everything I said, because she had a crush on him. I hope you’re reading this, and you realise that I’m talking about you.